27 Years After…PhD. Holder Reunites with PDP Chairman who Paid her Fees in High School


The story of Unyime Okure a Doctorate degree holder is one that resonates with many students who find themselves in a similar position. In 1994, she was a science student at the Western Annang Secondary Commercial School (WASCO), Ukanafun LGA in Akwa Ibom state when she discovered that she had a serious challenge that could stop her from furthering her education.

With no money to pay her school fees and the deadline for payment fast approaching, Unyime found herself in a predicament.

However, her story changed when through a stroke of luck she met a good Samaritan stepped in to assist her. Help came Unyime’s through Elder Aniekan Akpan who was then a Vice Principal at WASCO and now the incumbent State Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Akwa Ibom state. He was the good Samaritan who elected to pay her fees and help mentored her until she passed her Senior Secondary Schools Exams.

27 years later, precisely on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, Unyime Okure who is now has a Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering reunited with her former Vice Principal, Elder Aniekan Akpan to say a thank you for his contributions towards success in her life. It was a moment of great memories and joy. Unyime who couldn’t hide her gratitude towards a man who has been a key inspirer and career mentor to her.

She described him as the best mentor she has ever had, and commended him for his contributions in her life.

He is God’s own gift to me,” she said.

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