Fatherhood Series: Memories


By Paul Duke

One of my fondest memories as a child is traveling and spending a holiday with my father’s friend Chief Etim James and his family to their village called Asang Eniong Abatim.

At the time, the only way to get there was by boat service but we were bam baming with a big man as Chief James had his boat.

As the journey progressed, I fell in love with the river and till date I love the sea. Half way through the trip, he killed the engines of the boat, went below deck and came up with a double barrel gun, he aimed at a raft of ducks and pulled the trigger, the pellets did their job and we had duck for dinner that night, my first time eating duck. It was tasty.

I wouldn’t have had that memory if my Parents hadn’t let us go on that trip.

As parents, we have to be intentional in making sure our children have fun memories, we have to create time for holidays and other relaxation activities. You may not have all the time but if an opportunity arises with someone you trust, let the kids have fun.

Holidays are not the only ways to make children happy. Take them out. Fathers, go on a date with your daughter, a proper date to a fancy restaurant, have fun.

Take the family to a breakfast buffet, I know a man who made sure that every Sunday, after church, the whole family went out to eat. Now the kids are grown but like clockwork, every Sunday, there’s a meet up.

Not all memories are costly, a visit to the park, zoo, family members, something to take the kids out of the house once in a while. Game night. My daughter keeps talking about a holiday she spent in Lagos where we played Ludo and Monopoly constantly, we play occasionally now but the memories filled with love have taken hold.

Family time is awesome and time spent with the kids will translate into happy memories and will keep them centered when rough times come.

Life shouldn’t always be about children achieving perfection usually academically. Be intentional. Plan vacations, plan fun activities, have fun and keep the love flowing.

What are your fondest memories……

This article is culled from a Facebook Group called XVIII Till Checkout

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