Forget Lagos: Uyo is the City for Tech People with Remote Jobs


According to a report published by the Guardian Newspapers in 2021, there has been a 62% increase in remote work in Nigeria. This is due to the rise in COVID-19 pandemic, the growing young population, and the increase of digital skills in the country. With this rise a medical practitioner on Twitter, Velma has recommended that Tech people with remote jobs should consider relocating to the city of Uyo in Akwa Ibom state because it is safe and friendly.

Velma wrote: “Tech people with remote jobs who are tired of Lagos craziness and are not ready to leave the country just yet and want a change of pace, you should consider Uyo as an option. City is safe, air is fresh, people are friendly, roads are good, MTN hynet is great, food is fantastic.

Sharing Velma’s on Facebook, the CEO of Start Innovation Hub and ISN Board member, Mr. Hanson Johnson wrote:

” I recommend this Twitter thread to everyone in Akwa Ibom State Government and for those campaigning for 2023 elections. Every time, techies (mostly visitors) recommend Uyo as an ideal place for techies especially those who work remotely. Please note: They said techies, especially those who work remotely. So when engaging, stay within the subject.

Known for its low crime rate, rich culture, excellent food, good roads, and good air. Uyo is the ideal and perfect city to call home. It is also currently the home of two highly recognised tech hubs in the country, the Start Innovation Hub and Roothub. These hubs have produced hundreds of young professionals for some Nigerian startups like and others in the last seven years. The hubs also partner with international tech giants, Google and Facebook.

In 2021, the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Udom Emmanuel officially commissioned open a 21-floor storey smart building known as the Dakkada Towers and put it up for lease to high-earned clients. The building is the flagship project of Mr. Emmanuel’s administration, is said to be the tallest in Nigeria’s South-south region.

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