Google Partners Roothub Offers Career Certificates program Scholarships to 1500 Nigerians


Tech giant Google has announced the names of 1,500 Nigerians who will be participating in its six months Career Certificate scholarships program it will be offering through their local partner, Roothub. The training is part of Google’s objective to extend its offering to help job seekers acquire requisite digital skills and business growth in the country.

Trainees at a Roothub program

Mr. Tony Onuk, the Co-Founder and CEO of Roothub, who commented on the development said, the Hub is committed to serving a broad range of learners: new graduates landing their first job, front-line workers seeking stable employment, mid-career professionals making a pivot, or parents planning their return to the workforce through this program. According to him each certificate is completely online, self-paced, and includes resources to help learners enhance their resumes and prepare for interviews.

“We congratulate our 2022 scholarship recipients, and we’re very happy to be on this value-adding journey with you all. We appreciate your participation and are excited by the feedback we have received so far. The Google Career Certificates program is designed to prepare learners for an entry-level role in under six months. The certificates don’t have any prerequisites and are for anyone regardless of background or current occupation. Where many people have been forced to reassess their work prospects, the certificates can offer stepping stones to well-paying careers.

Roothub will be coordinating and supporting the training from its different centers in Uyo, Port Harcourt, Ebonyi, Ibadan, and Lagos.

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