Government Should Operate Trams on Akwa Ibom Roads – Mark Essien


Tech entrepreneur and founder of, Mr. Mark Essien, has called on Akwa Ibom State government to purchase and install trackless trams on Akwa Ibom roads.

The Tech expert said that trams can run on the existing highway infrastructure in the state and was a better option compared to track trains, which required expensive infrastructure.

A picture of a Trackless Tram

His words:

“Akwa Ibom can purchase and install these trackless trams on the Ikot Ekpene – Uyo – Abak – Eket – Airport route. These run on rubber tires, and they follow the white marked lines. That means there will be no need to build rail tracks – because the current excess unused capacity on those highways can be used for this form of mass transit. This is a way better alternative to track trains because the roads are re-used and there is no need for expensive new installations that are expensive to maintain.

“As part of a future improvement, the trams can be made hybrid diesel/electric and that road can be lined with solar panels. The constant sunlight will provide power for the electric engines and make it unnecessary to run diesel. When there is heavy rain, the diesel engines take over.

“Launch can be on the Airport – Uyo route.

“(There is some criticism of this technology that it causes the road to depress where it runs, but this takes 15-20 years, and between then and now, those sections of the road can be repaved with concrete. You then have something you can immediately kick off while planning for an improvement in the future as part of usual road maintenance.)

He made these recommendations via a post on his Facebook page this morning.

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