Inyang-eyen Officially Declares Senate Ambition, Begins Consultation


…We have no option to Inyangeyen- Party Stakeholders

…we’re solidly behind you – Ward

Mr. Ephraim Inyangeyen, Chief of Staff to Governor Udom Emmanuel, has officially declared his ambition to run for the Senate to represent Akwa Ibom South Senatorial District in 2023, this coming after months of speculation, suspense, and tension in various camps.

Making the declaration today as he consults the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), ONNA Chapter, his kinsmen, the village of Ikot Ebiere, and wards in ONNA Local Government Area, the CoS stated that, as a proud ONNA son from Eket Senatorial District, his decision to run for the Senate in 2023 was driven by his determination to bring a change to the Senatorial District that over the years has suffered gross neglect and complete loss of identity on account of incapacity and under-representation.

Inyangeyen, who is also the immediate past Commissioner of Works said he, like every other person in the Senatorial district, is personally bothered by the poor record of the area in the Senate, exception of Senator Udo Udoma whom he recalled had a voice. The CoS, therefore, posited that it was time something new be done to disrupt the cycle of poor performance and salvage the Senatorial District.

“Everybody in Eket Senatorial District feels the same level of sadness over the kind of representation the Senatorial District has witnessed in the past 15 years. Why can’t we have senators like what Uyo and Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district have had? Any patriotic son or daughter of the Senatorial district should be bothered. Hence my decision to commit my capacity to the kind of change I envision”, he queried.

He further argued that as much as he appreciated the zoning arrangement that has been made for equity and inclusiveness, it was good that the three federal constituencies have all taken their turns and now everything should be based on capacity and credibility.

“What I’m saying is that zoning or micro zoning hasn’t brought us the best. It is my position everything henceforth is based on competence and credibility. Let all those who seek that office test their popularity in the field”.

Declaring his support and offering his blessings on behalf of the party, the ONNA Chapter Chairman of PDP, Barr. Ubong Adiakpan, said it was time for a paradigm shift in Eket Senatorial District to undo the ugly past and Akparawa Inyangeyen has all it takes to bring a new dawn to Eket Senatorial District.

Meeting party stalwarts and supporters at the Ward Secretariat, the aspirant maintained that it was time for an overhaul in the zoning and micro-zoning parameter in the collective interest of Eket Senatorial District.

Speaking, leaders of Oniong West Ward 3 and Oniong West Ward 4, Elder Akpan Udo Akpan and Obong Raphael Ekpo respectively, congratulated Inyangeyen for the bold step he has taken to right the decades of wrongs the Senatorial district has experienced.

While consulting his kinsmen, the aspirant assured them that Eket Senatorial District was on the path of reclaiming what has been denied them and only a credible voice can face the torrents at the Senate. He emphasized that, contrary to claims, the zoning arrangement is neither in the Party constitution nor that of the country, but a gentleman’s agreement for expediency. He said he was consulting the family as a mark of respect and seeking their blessings.

Speaking on behalf of the extended family and kindred, head of Itak Enwang family, Mr. Akpan Udo George and Emmanuel Akpan Ekong, said they were solidly behind him and therefore offered their blessings.”Go and bring good things to us. We trust your capacity and competence”, they confirmed.

At the Village Council Hall where Inyangeyen consulted Ikot Ebiere, his village, he reiterated that Eket Senatorial District must not continue to be on the losing end, hence his ambition to represent them in the Senate.

Responding, Chief Maxwell Ekpoudia said based on Inyangeyen’s character, exposure, and public service antecedents to the Akwa Ibom people, ONNA, and Eket Senatorial district as a whole, he already has demonstrated capacity and integrity that qualifies him for the national assembly job.

In the same vein, the people of Oniong West 3/4, Inyangeyen’s ward, were in a jubilant mood on hearing the declaration of ambition by Inyangeyen. ” We’ve been waiting for a time like this. Go. We are all for you”.

Responding on behalf of the people of the ward, Ward 3 Chairman and Chair of Chairs, Prince Ubong Akpan, the declaration by Akparawa Inyangeyen had been long-awaited, saying that his official declaration comes as an incentive for the ward supporters to go to the field.

Present also were women, youth and other groups, on the Akparawa Inyangeyen’s team were party leaders elders, past and serving political appointees from ONNA and Eket Senatorial District, councillors and supervisors, etc.

According to Inyangeyen, the consultation continues tomorrow in other places in the Senatorial District.

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