Nigerian Man with 3 Degrees Found Working As A Labourer On Construction Site


A Twitter user, Mr. Temitope Obinna with handle @themyfamous, has shared the pathetic story of Udoh Nse James, a  man with three academic degrees currently working as a labourer due to his inability to get a well-paid job upon completion of his studies.

Obinna in his twit revealed that Udoh who is an indigene of Akwa Ibom state, is currently working as a helper on a site with his friend’s team received his Ph.D. in Econometrics (2012), Masters in Accounting (2009), and Bsc. in Accounting (2005).

Also confirming the story is a LinkedIn user, Engineer Chinedu Eche who also shared a photo of the Ph.D. holder lamenting that he should be in an institute of learning or research.

Requesting for help, Eche revealed that he came across James at a site where he was helping his team with the fabrication of Caustic Soda storage tank for Dangote Refinery.

The Engr wrote;

My beloved LinkedIn family;

This is Udoh Nse James.

From Akwa Ibom State

Contact number 07039187215.

Here are some comments on @themyfamous Twitter post and ;

Nathan: #EndSARS@rukky_nate Replying to @themyfamous and @iamBawzCartel@wakajugbe@General_Oluchi@RealDreylo@AbdulMahmud01@oloye__@Letter_to_Jack@MrOdanz@Elkrosmediahub your retweets will go a very long way in taking this man out of the trenches please, thank you.

Hapoostu‍: @dewale23 Replying to @themyfamous and @AkureHowFarBuh what really motivate people to go for Third Degree without assurance of employment?

AiderI@El_iredia: This your question take style foolish.

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