#savedestinyyoung: Akpabio, Co-founder and Human Rights Lawyer Step-in to Save IT Engineer


Mr. Destiny Young is a brilliant ICT engineer, and a passionate young Nigerian, who has been diagnosed with chronic Kidney Disease and has been battling the ailment for months now.

The Minister of Niger Delta, Sen. Godswil Akpabio, South African-based Cybersecurity Expert and Co-founder of #TranshumanCoin, Charles Awuzie, and Lagos-based human rights lawyer, Inibehe Effiong, have joined the campaign to “#savedestinyyoung”.

Mr. Young who has been in a Nigerian hospital battling Kidney failure for some months now is a ICT engineer who holds a Ph.D. in Information Systems is also a certified Cybersecurity and Vulnerability Assessment expert and Google Certified IT support Specialist.

Mr. Young Undergoing Dialysis Treatment

A few weeks ago, Mr. Young had written on his Facebook page that he only discovered the kidney disease in November 202 2020 when Samsung withdrew a temporary engagement letter for a job they had offered him.

“I got an inmessage from a person who appeared to be the regional Head of Operations Samsung Industries (West Africa). His message directed that he has noted my educational stride and have gone through my LinkedIn profile and found me fits for a vacant portfolio in Samsung Industries Nigeria (the company’s arm that deals with the manufacturing of ships and industrial oil equipment).

“I was invited to send an application for the vacant position. Fews weeks later, I got an invite to Lagos for a physical interview, during which I was thereafter offered a temporary engagement letter and asked to be prepared to relocate to Lagos.

“I was also asked to give my blood, urine, and saliva samples for medical examination of my fitness. 2 weeks later, precisely November 14, 2020, I got an email notifying me that they are sorry to let me know that their Lab result of my samples shows I have a serious medical condition that requires me to take time with family to take care of myself. The email withdrew the earlier engagement offer and advised that I should take proper care of my medical condition and when I am okay I should feel free to notify them and should they be available manpower need that fits my profile, they would be ready to oblige.

“The earlier engagement letter had offered me a cumulative monthly take-home pay of N1.2m with yearly retraining package outside Nigeria.

“From that day, was when I knew I have a life-threatening medical condition but I didn’t want to be a burden to anybody, I tried to fight my battle alone until recently when I became overwhelmed.

“November 14, 2020 was one of the saddest days in my life.

Mr. Awuzie whiles expressing concern about Young’s predicament on his Facebook post about yesterday, promised that he will do all in his power to help him.

“Personally, I won’t allow such a brilliant brain to be drained by kidney disease. I am not asking for donations on his behalf. I am asking for someone who knows him to connect him to me – I will sort out some bills for him as soon as I can get hold of him.

“I heard that the day he was supposed to get a job that would have paid him over 1 million Naira per month was the day his life-threatening disease was discovered and the company canceled the contract.

“For people like Destiny, for people like you – we will fight diseases with every cent, every kobo, every crypto, every $THC, every passion until we eradicate diseases from the surface of the earth.

He made a post earlier today annoucing that he had reached Young and thanked Sen.Akpabio in another for commiting funds towards Mr. Youngs kidney transplant.

“Update On Destiny Young….

“I spoke over the phone with Destiny Young this morning… We chatted as brothers and I got to understand his journey more. He is currently on dialysis which cost him N60k per session. This morning, my accounts manager transferred N200, 000 to Destiny to assist with the costs of Dialysis but what he needs now is A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT IMMEDIATELY.

In the second post, he wrote,

“Breaking Good News….

“We can confirm that Senator Akpabio has stepped in to assist Destiny Young with funding the Kidney Transplant. We are halfway to #SavingDestiny.

“With the funds from Senator Akpabio, we can go a long way with the Transplant and when the need for more money comes up, we will organize to sort it out too.

He further appealed to kidney donors with A+ or O+ blood groups to get in touch with Young.

He publicised Mr. Young’s bank account details and appealed for financial support to enable the engineer to get urgent medical care.

Mr. Young in his reply to Mr. Awuzie’s post, thanked him and Barrister Inibehe Effiong for standing up for him.

“I am in tears. Just when it seems I have lost the battle. For everyone standing up for me, God will stand up for you at the point of your distress. For Charles Awuzie, your reward will know no bounds. Your kind has a date with history. God bless you. For my special friend, Inibehe Effiong, great is the work of thy hands.

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