الرئيسية Interviews “Sex Toys Don’t Make Women Forget Their Men”

“Sex Toys Don’t Make Women Forget Their Men”


Esther Akpan is the founder of Lush’s Explore Hive an online sex toys shop established 2 years ago.  She started with acquiring a few toys for herself to experience the adventure of sex and then for a few friends before fully going into the business. We spoke to Esther about the adult toys industry, and she says sex toys are safe healthy for everyone and don’t make women forget their men.

Think Akwa Ibom: How did you get into the business?

Esther: As a sensual woman who is in tune with her sexuality. I decided to explore my sexuality and help others experience the adventure of sex. I started with acquiring a few toys for myself and then for a few friends before fully going into the business.

Think Akwa Ibom: How long have you been selling sex toys?

Esther: I have been running my business for two years now. We offer our customers satisfaction but discretion is our watchword. We’ve delivered quality and various sex toys to our customers nationwide. And they are always assured because we protect their privacy

Think Akwa Ibom: In two years of doing business, is there really a market for your products?

Esther: Yes there is, we humans are sexual beings and so we can’t deprive ourselves of our sexual desires.

Think Akwa Ibom: On average, how many toys do you sell in a month?

Esther: Average-10.

Think Akwa Ibom: How do your family and friends react when they get to know that you sell sex toys?

Esther: Their reaction is solely based on their perception of life, so I can only try to educate them. Some are supportive others ain’t

Think Akwa Ibom:  From your experience selling sex toys do you think Nigerians are conservative when it comes to the kind of products you sell?

Esther: Yes we are very conservative but we encourage people to come out of their shells and express their sexual needs so they can satisfy their needs and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with it.

Think Akwa Ibom: Your Facebook page indicates that you have some pretty kinky things!  How do you handle first-time customers?

Esther: I have varieties of toys, some are for outer stimulation like the clits, nipple sucker, etc then there are vibrators, anal plugs, dildos. Costumers come with their needs and we provide a solution by suggesting the perfect toy for their sexual needs

Think Akwa Ibom: What misconception do people have about sex toys? Like is using sex toys considered to be a sin?

Esther: Not at all, sex isn’t a sin that includes toys. The misconception sometimes is that women will forget their men cos of toys. Sex toys ain’t no replacement. Sex toys are enhancers

Think Akwa Ibom: Are sex toys safe for married couples, especially for those looking to spice up things in the bedroom?

Esther: Yes. There are varieties of toys for married couples; it all depends on their needs and preference. Men can use vibrators with their wives during penetration. Women can use the clit stimulator, anal plug, dildos, and vibrators

Think Akwa Ibom: Every business has its dangers, have you ever been abused or harassed by someone because of your kind of business?

Esther: Harassed yeah, abused nope

Think Akwa Ibom: Can you relate the incident? How did or do you manage such situations?

Esther: It depends on the situation.. but we handle everything the best way we can. People react differently to these things but as a professional, I strive to handle any challenges I face

Think Akwa Ibom: For now you sell only on social media. Are you planning to open a physical shop anytime soon?

Esther: 2022 brings expansion.  We are looking to expand the business, get an office for walk-in clients, and also offer sexual advice and therapy for couples experiencing any challenges in their sex life. Clients will be able to order directly from our website and have items delivered to them nationwide.

If anyone has any questions about sex toys for Esther, please feel free to ask her questions on her Facebook Business page https://facebook.com/lushshive, call or Whatsapp her on +2348140428149.

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