US-based Man Shares Experience On How To Accomplished A Project In Nigeria


A US-based Nigerian Health Administrator and Broadcaster, Mr. Udofia has narrated how he successfully built and succeeded in building and establishing a boat business in Nigeria.

Writing on Twitter a microblogging social media platform, Udofia said that he could only succeed on the project because he was personally involved in it.

He wrote, “A few years ago, three of us came to Akwa Ibom from the USA and visited a beach in Oron to invest in some economic ventures. Met with the Chief of the area and initiated a project.

“Went back and mobilized other Akwa Ibomites in USA (fifteen in all) and put this boat in the water

“We did not just buy any boat out there that was for sale, but we sourced and found a big Ukpa Tree inside the forest, went and paid a lot of money for it, and used it in making the boat from the scratch. Good to sacrifice and do a good thing that lasts the best way.

Photo Credit: UdofiaEA

“To succeed in a project back home, make sure you are personally involved and your presence is felt. I made 5 trips to Akwa Ibom out of my pocket to see this work to fruition. Each time, Mkparawa (youths) must eat and drink. We transported the carved boat to another location for finishing.

Photo Credit: UdofiaEA

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